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We use Dr William Glasser’s Choice Theory approach to education, applying this conceptual framework to all our teaching and learning. 

All young people will access these four components within themselves through their time at The Write Time. These key skills have been identified as being important for young people to succeed at school, at home, and into positive destinations after KS4.

Independent Living Skills

A SEND student examining an abacus in a classroom.


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Sports & Recreation



The school promotes high expectations for all and support for one another in a safe environment. Pupils feel valued and accepted.

- Ofsted



We offer access to a range of therapies based upon individual needs identified via an EHCP. Where therapeutic input is stated in the EHCP we ensure that our pupils receive the specific therapies, for the intended duration and that the impact of the therapy is recorded and informs progress reports termly and the annual review.

Our therapies support pupils to access the curriculum, to develop speech, language and communication, to fulfil a sensory diet, to support individuals develop strategies to self-regulate, take ownership, feel belonging, to integrate and experience fun and enjoyment and to develop gross and fine motor skills. We help prepare our pupils for life, we grow their independence, confidence and self-esteem in readiness for their next steps.

Our individual therapies are provided as part of our inclusive fees. We use our Therapeutic Needs Triangle to identify exactly what is required and then timetable slots with our specialists to meet individual pupil needs.

Independent Living


Our young people will learn and develop life skills in a fully equipped training kitchen. They have weekly food tech sessions where they plan, budget, and prepare healthy food. They also complete units of accreditations to recognise knife skills, food hygiene and basic food preparation. These skills are crucial to their mental health and physical well-being.


At The Write Time, we promote healthy lifestyle choices in all aspects of our students’ lives through a family-like atmosphere. To support this belief, we offer healthy breakfasts and lunches that are prepared on-site at no extra cost and do not allow fizzy drinks and sweets. We believe that a healthy diet is a key part of a young person’s personal and social skills. Our team goes the extra step to educate our students about nutrition, providing them with the tools to lead a healthy lifestyle.

All students understand the importance of cleanliness in the kitchen and are expected to fully clean their work areas as part of every cooking lesson.

Sports and Recreational

and Community

We value the importance of learning outside of the classroom as well as the more structured classroom lessons. All our young people enjoy community trips every week, access sporting locations in the community and enjoy learning new sports from visiting sports people.

Our community learning aims to increase the social skills of all our young people as well as the ability to plan travel and budget for special occasions.

These activities improve confidence, tolerance of others, resilience, and independence.



We firmly believe that all of our students are capable of achieving nationally recognised qualifications that will help develop their self-belief and confidence as well as their chances of finding employment in the future.

At The Write Time, we offer a number of accredited programmes including functional skills in Maths and English, vocational qualifications, leadership awards, and GCSE in core subjects.



The Write Time are MATRIX Accredited, and we use the education development trust to provide specialist career education Information, Advice, and Guidance through a qualified specialist. Through this programme, our students can participate in vocational skills in bricklaying, motor vehicle, hair & beauty, art & creative, and computer science.

We are working closely with SCULPT – Igniting Futures programme for our year 11s, where they complete employability skills and undertake work experience placements.

We Cater For

Additional Needs

Your young person’s needs are unique, and we aim to create a programme for individualised support, recognising each student’s needs with clear goals that will see them achieve to the best of their abilities and be prepared for the world of work and adulthood.

We are acutely aware that young people come to us because they need a different approach to education. Our approach is one of nurture, with appropriate stretch and challenge levels that deliver progress over time.

At The Write Time we embed ICT, Maths English and Science across all subjects as well as our 8 personal and social skills. Our well-qualified staff have extensive experience working with a wide variety of special needs, including dyslexia, autism and ADHD. Wherever required, additional specific training is integrated into our processes.



We collate termly reports which track progress in academic subjects, foundation subjects and vocational programmes. Additionally, we track progress against EHCP targets, Personal Development Plans and any therapeutic intervention individuals may be involved with.

We also hold termly parents’ evenings that enhance the reporting process.

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“Parents, staff and those responsible for placing pupils at the school are universally positive about The Write Time.”

- Ofsted

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