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We use Dr William Glasser’s Choice Theory approach to education, applying this conceptual framework to all our teaching and learning. 

All young people will access these four components within themselves through their time at The Write Time. These key skills have been identified as being important for young people to succeed at school, at home, and into positive destinations after KS4.

Independent Living Skills

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“Pupils enjoy attending school and being part of the small, positive community.”

- Ofsted

Independent Living


Our young people will learn and develop life skills, such as cooking, budgeting, the importance of a healthy diet, and self-care. These skills are crucial to their mental health and physical well-being.

At The Write Time, we promote healthy lifestyle choices in all aspects of our students’ lives through a family-like atmosphere. To support this belief, we offer healthy breakfasts and lunches that are prepared on-site at no extra cost and do not allow fizzy drinks and sweets. We believe that a healthy diet is a key part of a young person’s personal and social skills. Our team goes the extra step to educate our students about nutrition, providing them with the tools to lead a healthy lifestyle.

We further encourage independent living skills by having a rotation for washing up, clearing away after meals, and cooking classes.

Sports and Recreational


We value learning outside of the classroom as well. We aim to take our young people out of the classroom each and every day to participate in physical or creative activities.

Socialising is an incredibly important part of our curriculum; these sessions are designed to improve the young person’s personal social skills, health, and stretch their comfort zone, all while having fun.



We firmly believe that all of our Special Educational Needs students are capable of achieving qualifications that will help develop their self-belief and confidence. At The Write Time, we offer a number of first step accredited courses and GCSE qualifications with an aim for each of our young students to achieve at least one qualification in an academic year.

We offer the following GCSE qualification courses: English Literature, Language, Maths, Science, Functional Skills (Entry Level 1 up to Level 2), Princes Trust Achieve, Arts Award, Digital Skills, Health, Social Care.



The Write Time are MATRIX Accredited, and we offer all of our young people specialist Information, Advice, and Guidance through a qualified specialist. We partner with Lewisham College to provide our KS4 students the opportunity to attend a Multi-Skills Accredited Course once per week. Young students will be taught basic carpentry, plumbing, bricklaying, and plastering through this programme.

As part of our drive to be at the forefront of pedagogical innovation and make our technology provision relevant to the young people of today, we use the most up-to-date technology and online assessment tools to support our educational aim. The opportunities associated with this approach include collaboration, independent learning and research, creativity, innovation, and critical thinking.

We Cater For

Additional Needs

Your young person’s needs are unique, and so is our programme.

We aim to ensure that all students are always equipped with the tools to work to the best of their abilities and have access to the whole curriculum in an inclusive environment.

In addition to small teaching groups, we provide one-to-one structured support from our Outreach Development Worker to ensure your son or daughter’s Special Educational Needs and aspirations are met.

We are acutely aware that young people come to us because they need a different curriculum, personal approach, and environment. At The Write Time, they receive a fully bespoke scheme. We embed ICT, Humanities, and PSHE within our examined and externally moderated subjects and qualifications so that a broad range of technological, ethical, and sociological issues can be addressed in an academic environment. Our staff have extensive experience working with a wide variety of additional needs, including dyslexia, autism, ADHD, asthma, and epilepsy. Wherever required, additional specific training is integrated into our processes.



We liaise with the student’s mainstream school throughout their placement in our programme to provide them with a fully comprehensive picture of the student at TWT. This is mainly through weekly pupil progress reports which contain both academic and non-academic information, including any other issues that need to be resolved.

The academic information within this progress report consists of the student’s targets in Maths, English, and other subjects (including vocational courses) that the student is taking. There is also a summary of the student’s attainment, effort, and general behaviour in each subject with an explanation as to why they did or did not hit their target. The academic information will always contain information on any relevant grades/marks/tests that the student has taken within that past week.

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“Parents, staff and those responsible for placing pupils at the school are universally positive about The Write Time.”

- Ofsted

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